Debbie Deegan's
To Russia with Love

Clontarf housewife,  Debbie Deegan, set up the charity organisation  'To Russia With Love'  in direct response  to horrendous conditions she had encountered in a run down orphanage in Hortolova in Western Russia.

Debbie's crusade to bring love and decent living conditions to these abandoned children of Russia  has  brought Debbie back and forth to Russia innumerable times in the last 2 years and has culminated in the openings of a brand new state of  the art medical block and kitchen.  The children's well being and  sense of self has improved immensely  due to individual care and development programs put in place.


These withdrawn forgotten children of two years ago are beginning to come in to their own, Debbie's vision of a better life has brought a glimmering light of hope to their  empty eyes and brought broad smiles to their beautiful faces.  There is still much to be done but with  Debbie's tireless drive  and  absolute commitment  she is determined to ensure that those smiles only continue to grow and shine on into a brighter future.

Earlier this year Debbie received a major honour in Western Russia for her pioneering work  children in the Bryansk  region's orphanages.  Her work, which is helping to develop a childcare structure, prompted the authorities to award her the region's Person of the Year. 

Debbie is the first foreigner ever to be awarded with this distinction.  Subsequently  Debbie was nominated for last years Sunday Independent Person of the Year award and TV3 screened a documentary on Debbie's extraordinary life earlier in the year.  Read more